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First Mondays is an entertaining podcast about the Supreme Court.

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    OT2018 #18: "Rorschach Test"

    We thought it'd be a quiet week, but the Supreme Court had other plans. Amy Howe joins to catch us up on the news. We also get a taste of American University law professor Robert Tsai's new book, Practical Equality.

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    OT2018 #16: "From Scratch"

    We've got a breather between sittings, so Steve Sachs joins us as we recap an opinion, take a look at some grants and orders, discuss whether law school clinics are good or bad ideas, and ask a lot of questions.

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    OT2018 #15: "Second Best Opinion"

    Dan and Leah recap the end of the January sitting and catch you up on the latest opinions and cert. grants.

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    OT2018 #14 "Decent Take"

    Dan, Leah, and Danielle break down arguments from the first week of the January sitting.

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    OT2018 #13: "Beer For Lunch"

    New year, new sitting! Merritt McAlister joins us from the University of Florida to catch up on Supreme Court news and look ahead to the coming arguments.

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    Amici #25 [UNLOCKED]: "Tough Phone Call"

    In the holiday spirit, we've unlocked a bonus episode. Last June, at the Arizona State Bar Convention, Dan interviewed two judges: Hon. Andrew D. Hurwitz and Hon. Ruth McGregor.

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    OT2018 #12: "Inconceivable!"

    It's an off week for the Supreme Court, so we've got another great ensemble cast to take a deep dive into issues that regularly come up on the show. Kate Shaw of Cardozo Law guest hosts.

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    OT2018 #11: "A Lot Of Meatballs"

    There are twice as many women in this episode as there were at the Supreme Court podium in the whole December sitting. Leah and guest host Jaime Santos recap the week's arguments with two special guests.

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    OT2018 #10: "Come On, General"

    Dan and Leah recap Supreme Court news, an opinion and two arguments, and they look ahead to the cases being argued this week.

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